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  • Buddy licence
  • Add-on utilities
  • Future developments

Buddy licence

If you're a computery person then the chances are you get asked to help people out with theirs. You'll be aware of the difficulty of being on the phone but unable to see the user's screen. What to you would be the work of moments is stymied by mouse fumbling and lack of appreciation of what the user is actually seeing.

With every licenced copy of BFM is a free licence for a 'buddy'.

At the moment having a free copy of BFM just lets the buddy talk the confused user on the other end of the phone through steps by having BFM in front of them. However the aim is to have a simple remote viewing system so that the Buddy BFM can be used to view the same displays as the user's copy of BFM and possibly even click buttons remotely! (There are operational difficulties with setting-up remote access. If anyone would like to become a buddy tester then could they please get in touch.)

Add-on utilities

BFM has a method for allowing utility programs to be added on as required. At present there are two which are bundled with the download.
Clear read-only flag Removes the read-only flag from selected files
Restore tutorial files Reinstates the as-installed state of files in the STORE and SHELVES
Backup USB stick to PC Simple copying of changed files from your USB stick to any PC. Useful backup if you use a USB stick as your main store.
These extras are simple to interface with BFM. 3rd Party programmers are welcome to create useful additions. Technical documentation

Future developments


It is relatively easy to build a utility that will copy new and changed files from PC to USB stick but there is a circle of varying user requirements to be squared with absolute simplicity and reliability. This is being prototyped at the moment but is't ready for release.

Stick copy

People who use a USB memory stick as their primary store need a foolproof way to 'backup' their data onto a PC.

Send files by email

Attaching files to emails is one of those things that frightens and baffles some people. Making this dead simple is a big challenge particularly since many of the people needing this will be using web mail with varying client software.


It may be that people have files in certain locations outside their STORE and SHELVES and would like them automatically copied or moved onto a shelf. This might happen when using a 'strange' PC and the user keeps their data on a USB stick.