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Download free evaluation now

Not sure about downloading and installing?

  1. Click the button on the left
  2. Your web browser might ask you (a) Run or save? ... Save (b) Save to where? ... Somewhere you'll be able to find it.
  3. When the download is complete, find the file BetterFileManagerSetup.exe (Your system might have been set-up by an idiot not to show the .exe bit.)
  4. Double click on BetterFileManagerSetup.exe
  5. You'll probably be asked if you are sure - Well... err... yes of course you're sure.

Buy a licence now

Using BFM for real requires one licence per user.

Buddy licence

Every normal licence comes with a free Buddy licence. The purpose of this is to let people who might get phoned up with "Can you help me" to have a working copy in order that they can help you better.
At the time of writing the Buddy version doesn't have any special features. However it is planned to be able to give the Buddy the ability to 'see' and possibly manipulate what is on the main computer. If you are a Buddy and this or some other Buddy-related feature you can think of might be useful then please get in touch.
Please read the terms, conditions and other consumer information Here
Buy now: Secure on-line payment by credit card 40.00 pounds sterling

Updates, extras and support

Latest version

The latest version of the BFM program Version 1.0 can be downloaded Here.
Please note that you will need a licence before this will run.


See Extras for descriptions
All the following are included in the latest version of BFM.
However some may be freely downloaded separately without BFM being installed.
Removes the read-only flag for selected filesNo
Restore the tutorial example files for the convenience of starting from scratchNo
Simple incremental backup from USB stick to any PCYesFree No setup required. Copy onto stick and run from there.