Cycle training in Witham
Who can be trained What can they learn How do they start
Almost anybody who wants to can be trained to ride a bike, look after it, and use the roads safely.

* Individuals or pairs. (Pairs is cheaper and more fun)

* Larger groups - of similar standard

* Family groups - of mixed standard

9 or 10 years old is OK for learning but younger children will still enjoy and benefit from participating with the rest of the family.

* How to ride a bike off the road

* How to look after their bike

* Control skills needed for the road

* How to use roads safely

* How to enjoy cycling for many purposes

Find a local trainer qualified to the National Standard.

If you live near Witham ring me on 01376 517206. Other links are given below.

You might want to badger your school, but you must insist on National Standard training to "level 2b"

More and more employers are seeing the benefts of having fit and healthy cyclists and may be interested in sponsoring cycle training.

Benefits Roads are safe Standards
Cycling is healthy, quick and economical. Witham is an ideal size for commuting. Don't forget that on a bike you go door-to-door without the hassle of finding somewhere to park. A a bike gives you cheap, flexible and independent transport.

TRAINING gives you the knowledge to make good use of your bike and in particular it shows you how to cycle safely.

Cycling is not dangerous - unless nobody has shown you how.

Click here for a 20 second test of your safe cycling knowledge.

You may be afraid, and may have had some unpleasant experiences, but when you've been shown how a CYCLIST should use the road you'll be able to ENJOY safe cycling.

In 2004 the National Standard was launched. This replaces Cycling Proficiency. There are three main differences:
  • Much higher standards required for trainers
  • Embraces assertive techniques for safe road positioning
  • Real training on real roads
Beware that some schools aren't up-to-speed on National Standards and are afraid of letting their little darlings onto the roads. (What's the point in that?)
Finding trainers Useful materials Helmets
If you live in a 10 mile radius of Witham then phone me on 01376 517206.

If you live in London try Cycle Training-UK on 020 7582 3535 or here

Or phone the CTC training hotline on 0870 607 0415

* Spending a tenner on CYCLECRAFT by John Franklin or getting it from the library will be a really good investment. It is universally recognised as THE book to read.

* My easy to remember checklist is here

* A more detailed quiz for existing cyclists is here

Spending money on training will be at least 100 times more valuable than on a helmet

Despite the propaganda, evidence shows helmets give very little, if any, protection. Find out the facts about helmets

No helmet ever PREVENTED an accident

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