Witham Cycle Campaign
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Witham cyclists need a voice

  • The authorities are clueless about what matters to Witham cyclists. Completely lost the plot.
  • The authorities have their own agendas and need pushing. Waffle and waste.
  • Cyclists are being left out when it comes to spending and action. Fine words but feeble results.
  • Big business is conniving with the county council behind closed doors to clobber cycling in Maltings lane


(To read PDF files you need Acrobat reader. However once you have this you can print out as many copies as you want or store a high quality version for reference.)

A guide for elected representatives What matters to Witham Cyclists 30K Pdf 9 May 2000

Review of Witham Cycle Network (All pdf files. About 1Mb in total)
We were asked by Essex County Council to look at the current state of affairs. We did this and went on to say what ought to be done instead. This isn't just lines on maps but a closely argued set of proposals. Including:
  • Proper survey of hazard spots.
  • Use the rail-trail for commuters, especially to the industrial estates
  • Ensure that the massive Maltings lane developments do not clobber high speed cycling and cripple estate permeability.
  • Create a direct, off-road link between Witham and Silver end
  • Ensure that the Hatfield Peverel link road plans are redesigned to eliminate 3 roundabouts
  • Use small amounts of money to make big improvements
This is a must-read report for anyone interested in the future of cycling in Witham
Contents and summary
Review of existing networkWhere are we now?
Purpose of cycling network What we trying to achieve
Proposals How we propose to achieve it
Photographic review Problems and opportunities easily viewed

A transport disaster waiting to happen Objection to Maltings Lane development 63K Pdf
Six pages of problem analysis, essential policy considerations and suggested solutions.


Two slide shows that Witham Town Council say are Libellous (Actually they just criticise but that doesn't stop Leader Tom Hewitt insisting they are banned DESPITE refusing to say what was specifically libellous.)
[Windows only - sorry] Download then run. (Check for viruses first!) Press Escape to stop slide show

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