There is a crack in a railway bridge near where I live
* What did Railtrack do when this was brought to their attention? Nothing.
* What did the Health and safety executive do when informed? Nothing.
* I can understand Railtrack ignoring major safety issues, they have more important money-making activities. But when the Health and safety executive does nothing it shows the public are not getting the guarantees of safety they're entitled to.
* Railtrack admit nothing was done about the original alert. The HSE, prompted by a chase letter backed by my MP, took another 2 weeks before anyone checked the condition of the bridge.
* Railtrack would have us think that safety is their first priority. This is plainly rubbush. The HSE have behaved with sloth and unbelievable complacency. The director of the HSE refuses to answer simple questions addressing these issues.

More information
Look now... Report detailing the location of the bridge, significance of the crack and history of trying to get it inspected
Look now... The HSE finally get Railtrack to have a look...
...the bridge is declared safe...
...but the HSE is exposed as disgracefully blasé

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