Team effort for rigorous analysis and rational education reform

12 Rs

Essential basic education

I'm sure you have no problem with the importance of the "Three Rs" but a little reflection soon shows there are many more 'Essential Rs' that have been forgotten and left to chance. Simply ask yourself what Rs you'd want somebody who worked for you to possess.
  • Are any of these non-essential?
  • Should any of these be left out of basic education?

Go and ask your local basic educator what they teach under these categories and how they assess results. Vague isn't it... ... Now go and have a cry in the corner or light a blue touch paper according to your nature.
Is it bad?Yes Is it serious?Yes
Should something be done?Yes Can something be done?Let's hope so

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Focus on change
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Useful indicators
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Serious challenges
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Yes it is possible - so simple, logical and practical

12 Maturities

Proper education

Ambition Sociable personalityFitness and good health Curiosity, enthusiasm for learning and knowledge
Confidence Stand up for principles Develop and defend own opinions. Artistic appreciation and accomplishment
Empathy Excellence of RsImagination and abstract thought Temptation : Awareness and resistance. Self discipline
No society that calls itself civilised should be allowing people to grow up without these.

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