Getting involved with the 12Rs and 12Ms project

Aims of the project

The ultimate objective is to have the 12Rs and 12Ms recognised as the default framework for essential basic education.

Also the assessment of abilities at all ages for evaluating suitability for employment, determining social support needs and educational gateways.

Structure of work

  • The Rs and Ms are separate projects with similar structures and where a similar overall method can be applied.
  • The Rs are relatively self-contained and comparatively easy to understand, document and develop. They are more concrete and measurable than the Ms.
  • Each R can be analysed and developed according to a standard template. (For example "D" looks at assessment and "D.3" looks at 'go/no-go' tests). (A similar methodology can be applied to the Ms)
  • This gives us a matrix of understanding, examples, difficulties, solutions, experiments and implementation for each R.
Help is required to complete, validate and enrich this matrix.

Promulgation, politics, and practitioner development

  • The NEED to replace a haphazard basic education system with a structured, auditable, rational system for whole-life skills should be obvious. . .
  • The BENEFITS of having complete coverage of clearly defined basic skills - allowing measurement, remediation and support to be accurately focussed - should also be obvious. . .
  • Sadly, just because the VALUE of the solution is clear it doesn't mean anyone will be in a rush to rationalise.
Help is needed to:
  • Convince the man-in-the-street, employer, supporter of vulnerable/disadvantaged, and 'dogs-body' teachers people of the value
  • Engage practioners in reorientation
  • Make the case to policy advisors for radical overhaul of the system
  • Persuade course authors, assessment developers and scheme testers to contribute
  • Make the case for development funding

Creating a community of contributors

Here are some of the things you could do:
  • Help with applying the development framework to one of the Rs. For example what are the current state of learning opportunities, and what effect does lack of this skill have on people's lives for relationships

    Each R can become a little community of its own where enthusiasts might discuss, say, assessment of Reporting.

  • Help with better definition of the Maturities and understanding of practical application.
  • Help with administering the collective development effort and keeping contributors informed.
  • Help with promoting the Rs and Ms in general, recruiting collaborators and setting up policy discussion forums.
  • Help with a donation

At the time of writing there's no formal organisation - not even a name. Email me, Peter Fox, and we'll make a start.

This is a really worthwhile educational reform project without any political baggage.
It is based on a transparent analysis of what basic skills we want people to have.
The challenge is to get the education industry to adopt the rational, structural approach.
This needs people who are passionate about meaningful assessment and worthwhile standards.

  1. Although each R and M is clearly defined for purposes of being able to focus, exercise and measure this doesn't mean that they should be taught in everyday education as distinct subjects.