Are you safe on a bike?

This is a quiz of nine questions to test your knowledge of where you should be on the roads on your bike.

All you have to do is select the best choice from the options listed in yellow.

  • Be sure to read the description carefully
  • Take your time
  • You must answer all questions
  • Results and explanations at the end
  • Don't worry if the diagrams aren't exactly to scale, that doesn't affect the principles involved.
  • Don't try to apply the question to the most extreme situation you can think of!

HINT There is only one 'Varies' answer. Otherwise the correct answers are quite definite.


This is intended for people who have experience of cycling on the roads. The object is to see if you have got into bad habits.

It must not be used as a substitute for training.

It is really good for checking you really know your stuff.

It is ideal for finding out why you're having such a stressful time on the roads when others don't seem to have those problems.

Click the Start button when you are ready.

This is not meant to be a tutorial or a substitute for proper cycle training.

Intended for United Kingdom use only.

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