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Bad roads in Essex
Caused by terrible Essex County Council

Purpose of this page

The object is to fix the broken organisation
We're going to see if the new Chief Executive is any better than his two self-serving, arrogant and incompetent predecessors. Gavin Jones Web page joined in January 2016.

As anyone who has had any dealings with ECC Highways dept knows they are arrogant and useless. Due to a very long history of failing to reply, delay, misdirection, ridiculous excuses and lies from the Highways department, I will deal with the Chief Executive and all replies will be treated as coming from his office.

Progress?Correspondence and updates will be added to each report as they happen. See the bottom for what's in the pipeline.

16-001 Kelvedon two wheeler trap

On the 24th January '16 we found this disgrace next to the level crossing in Kelvedon.
  1. It has been painted twice. Quelle Surprise.
  2. It is obviously a two wheeler trap.
Clearly if there is any risk assessment going on it has failed dangerously.

Report to Chief Exec 1 Feb

The Kelvedon example is an opportunity to start fixing your organisation. Holes will keep appearing but failure to deal with them is an organisational issue. The issues raised here should be a simple fix for a competent Chief Executive.

No response yet

16-002 Chalks Rd. crack-up

In January '16 Chalks Road in Witham has started an inevitable crack-up. This whole road surface is less than 10 years old and has been cracking up with out actually disintegrating for at least two years. Now the 'wait and see' period is over as cracks crumble into fast forming holes.

This is an only access route to hundreds of homes and bus route. So far we've not had any frost or snow. The extent of the problem and the inevitability of the break-up mean that the usual complain — wait — complain again — paint — wait until paint vanishes — complain again — paint — splot of tar — surrounding area rots (ad infinitum) is not acceptable.

A management plan is required including

  1. Rapid response patching. Furthermore, given the way the area around the actual hole is broken a splot of tar in the hole is not going to work, so a method that doesn't require second and third visits needs to be used.
  2. Short term crack sealing (or other preventive measure) to reduce or eliminate the waterlogging of cracked areas.
  3. Long term remediation.
ECC need to nominate a manager responsible to residents and users.

Report to Chief Exec 1 Feb

You have inherited a dysfunctional and incompetent Highways department which hasn't heard of 'a stitch in time saves nine'. The issues raised here should be a simple fix for a competent Chief Executive.

No response yet

More reports soon

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