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Universal single-key accenting
One key for all accents and as many languages as you want for Javascript and Windows
How do you do your French homework? Do you use characters that aren't on your keyboard? If instant, simple accents and special characters is what you want, wherever you are in Windows then AX is just the very thing you need. And it's free.

AX allows you to alter any character's accent always using the same key. This applies to symbols as well. For example 2 then F8 gives ², e then F8 gives é, pressing F8 again gives ê and again gives è and so on. There is no need to remember any key combinations or use different keys for doing what is basically the same thing for example à, È « and ì are all created by typing the base character then F8 as required

Version 5.0 released December 2018
Improved code, improved cycles
Some anti-virus programs report this as a trojan. No it isn't. (But it is easy to see why they say so ... AX 'hooks the keyboard' like a trojan might.)


Switching languages can be a pain, remembering where or what the key combinations are is practically impossible. Hurrah! AX to the rescue! Whatever language you're working with the F8 (or other key of your choice) is all you need to remember. Press once for the first variant, twice for the second and so on. In French a will change to à then â then ä and so on. C will change to Ç then back to C. That's all you need to do. In another language the character modifications would be different.


Accenting as you type

  • Type e then F8 . Ha! the screen now shows é. Press F8 again and see what happens. And again. And again. Keep going until you return to plain e.
  • Type E and repeat the F8 trick
  • Try the same with 2, c, $, A and I. It is always F8 that goes to the next alternative.

Later corrections

Suppose you were writing about an early french film maker Georges Méliès but had made a muddle of the accents. For sake of argument you had typed [Cut and paste this to your word processor to try it out] Geôrges Mêliés. Here is how you can put it straight.
  • Move the cursor to after the ô then press F8. How simple!
  • Move to just after ê and press F8 as many times as required to reach é.
  • Move to the final é and do the same.

Let's have fun!

Assuming you've been playing with Georges Méliès in your word processor, how about saving that file - with accents in the file name. Simple:
  • File, SaveAs, then type MeF8lieF8F8F8s and the extension and there you are.
  • Search for him on the internet in exactly the same way.
  • AX should work with all your programs.


  • Can I use some key other than F8? Yes
  • Can I select which language and symbols to use? Yes
  • Can I alter the accenting to whatever I like that suits me? Yes
  • Can I switch between say a Swedish and French AX on the same computer? Yes
  • Does it work with Unicode? Yes
  • Why is this sometimes reported as malware? Because it reads the keyboard in the same way as a trojan might. Everybody panic!
illustrating effect of key presses
See it live! Try it for yourself. Click here


Table of language cycles Currently ready 'out of the box' cycles
Screenshots Click here



Recent changes

It's quite complicated to track changes as there are various ways AX can develop.


These are the core of both the Windows and Javascript version.
5.07 Dec 18Henk Proeme's many amendments
TODOAlways room for more. Anyone?


Customised language dialogues. (These are incorporated into both the Windows and javascript versions)
14th Dec 18User languages de, fr, ma, pl could do with checking
TODOAnyone want to check/add dialogs?

Windows general

5.014 Dec 18Major overhaul
TODOAnyone want to check/add dialogs?
TODOThe help file is only in English. Anyone?
TODOInital setup instructions need review and extending. Anyone?

Javascript general

14 Dec 18Ver 5.0 of cycles incorporated

Help improve AX

AX is possible because of many generous people giving their time and skill to developing programs and adapting the cycles and dialog texts. If you think you could hack the cycles and dialogs then have a go. (But make sure you have the latest version.) When you're happy then attach ax.cfg to an email with an explanation to @

The same applies to dialogs and the HTML help. If you want to hack these then go ahead and attach in the same way.

Perhaps there should be a summary of this page in alternative languages. Anyone?

I'd really like a version that worked on *nix systems but that's way too deep for me. Anyone want to experiment?

One really useful thing you could do is tell other people how your life is easier with AX. I don't get paid, so it's just a nice thing to do for other people. Anyone fancy being a champion for AX? You don't need technical knowledge, just a penchant for making videos, sending press releases, twittering etc.

There's lots on the Vulpeculox web site. Also, for hard-nut techies there are resources on github.