The useful Internet
ArticleEmail titles
Simple way to usefully extend email addresses
DesignGone Gone Gone
What happens when a website becomes obsolete?
DesignNational pothole
Action network for public accountability of public bodies
Improving systems
ArticleThe efficient settlement of many-way debts
At least twice as efficient as all debtors put into the pot and all creditors take out.
Information technology
The book they said couldn't be written. How the absolute novice can become an elite programmer.
ProposalNew business toolkit
HUGE potential for everybody's everyday management and better business organisation
ArticleThe future of collaborative software development
Look at how the performing arts work to see how to improve the quality of software and get paid for it.
ArticleThe representation of knowledge
July 2008 Really cool investigation merging sets, relational DB and objects
Teaching, coaching, support
ArticleThree essential teaching techniques
Basic matters especially for amateurs
ArticleTeaching for amateurs
Understanding and technique for those who have ended up showing others
TutorialMaking the best of things
A guide for those that provide support
ArticleThe twelve Rs
July 2008 Wake up to nine missing essentials
Essential and
obvious quality
Diligence and competence is not a single linear scale
ArticleQuality goals
How simple can you get? (Where are yours?)
Divide for transparency, training, technique and discovering what's not all it should be

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