New Business Toolkit

This is a vision for supporting decision makers, for managing IT processes within organisations and relegating the word processor/office suite to a walk-on part in daily corporate communications.
Read full overview here : PDF 100Kb
How well are decision makers served with simple and structured tools? Not very. There are plenty mountains of data analysis and swamps of ad-hoc communications but no homesteads of happy decision making.

Let's make this clear, it is easy and really good value for money.

Having given the principals of a business whet they need to do their job, we can now look at the issues of communication in an organisation. More bells and whistled on word processors is not the answer - effective distribution, authorisation, and management of information is.
The overview is a taster. There are a bunch of tools that could easily be developed on a number of platforms and some fascinating avenues of exploration. Ideally these should be put together to become a platform for business.

Contact details are in the overview