Obsolete web site forwarding

There are many situations when URLs become obsolete and should leave a 'forwarding address'. A directory is proposed.


For one reason or another a web site becomes obsolete but there will still be references to it. The domain might vanish completely of somebody wants to ditch a domain and move on.

The problem occurs when people try to access the old URL and there isn't a forwarding link in the old page or the old URL has ceased to exist.


The obvious answer to the problem is to create a service which can say www.oldurl.aol has been replaced by www.newurl.com.


  • People who had drawn a '404' would search the database for the old URL.
  • Additions to the database would be done by web masters or those with permission to alter or remove the old pages. A charge might be made.


  • Clever logic is required at the I want to record a forwarding link stage to ensure legitimacy and accuracy.
  • There are a number of different scenarios with different legitimacy issues.
  • Various levels of service would be offered to clients. (Search would be free.)
The back-end is a simple database, the business model is simple and although the details of the legitimacy logic are complex the add-a-link front-end is quite simple.
  1. This was initially conceived as a solution for small organisations that are often changing host and private individuals who are tied-in to a domain such as AOL but would like to move.
  1. I have written a prototype in PHP and the design is for sale.

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