Telling fortunes with cards

An anti-psychic experiment. Developing your perceptions. Wondering why fortune telling is so compelling.

This is an experiment which is not really a scientific investigation of the physical or psychic worlds, but an opportunity to explore how people come to accept hunches, beliefs and theories. While this experiment proves absolutely nothing, annoyingly it can't be used to disprove anything either. I'm sure you'll have some fun making the procedure appear convincing and reading the rake of books in the library dealing with 'spiritual' matters from crystals to miracle cures.

Everything that follows is made up. Complete hokum. Even so, don't try this with people who might take it too seriously or who have worries - there is the possibility of upsetting them.

You are going to use an ordinary everyday pack of playing cards to tell fortunes. You'll only need quarter of an hour's practice.



Apart from the frisson of dabbling in the 'black arts', what have you learned?

I suggest that you are now a much better observer of character. While making up plausible situations and ferreting out clues with only the barest minimum to go on. It is an enormously valuable skill to be able to deduce somebody's background or the attitudes they were brought-up with on first acquaintance. For example, by tuning in to subtle signs it is not too difficult to tell if a girl is an only daughter. You'll certainly be able to spot people who say one thing and mean another much more easily.

Can't help believing

If the cards prophesied a fortune in the future (Seven of Diamonds) then would you ever be able to shake off that feeling of one day your number in the lottery will turn up. Not just feeling but KNOWING. Sorry chum - you're hooked. You can't help either wanting or fearing to believe these prophecies. Suppose, instead of encouraging you to make up your own meanings, I threatened a curse of blue gum boils on anyone who changed the scheme, how many people would risk it and sleep soundly?


Firstly, this proves or disproves nothing, but can be addictive for some people. Taking these cards seriously is a bad sign - it's all hokum.

There may well be genuine psychic forces and mediums. We know that some of the famous ones were frauds, but that quietly, there are amazing feats of seeing beyond our normal world view. The jury, as they say, is out. (I'm not taking sides here so save your mail.) Now though, as a psychic practitioner yourself(!), you may be better placed to be curious without being gullible.

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