Standard buttons
I use these for apps. Ancient and crude they may be, but they're simple. For example to get the tick you can use <span class='m1 ctrl byes' title='OK - continue'></span> (The m1 is a 1 em space on the left.)


Hover over image for style. This will be used as the class
Yes, no/delete, add, change, abandon

I use this to replace a 'delete' button with a watchdog timer of say 5 seconds as a confirmation. The effect is that the user has to click again to confirm an action.

View details, go/visit/details, three styles of go back, external link

Information and help

Upload/send, download/get, email, menu

List navigation

List navigation disabled


Fred Bloggs
Mavis Huggins

Get started


If you want to play with the raw images and css file then Download this zip file