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check and dump
PHP utilities for unit testing and debugging

Free PHP development tools


Use this for structured or unit testing.
  • Simple : small learning curve
  • Practical : ways to de-clutter results
  • Practical : results to screen or file
The basic principle is to set up blocks of tests which should all pass. These tests may be.
  • Do we get an expected result?
  • Is a variable a certain type or class?
  • Does a call result in a particular exception?
More details about check
include('check.php'); etc. Start block... check::StartBlock('First block'); ... some tests check::Is('Should be array','array',$someVar); check::Test('Does it work',42,$universe->Answer()); check::Trap('Bad arg. excn.','arg','mult',null,'cat'); ... more tests ... check::EndBlock(); ... more blocks of tests ... check::Finish();
Example output


Use this as much better version of print_r()
  • Simple : small learning curve
  • Flexible : Trace execution, show stack
  • Flexible : Tweakable display of complex objects
  • Practical : results to screen or file
The basic principle is to follow execution showing a trace where we've added monitoring points in the code. The main functions are simple:
  • Where are we in the code?
  • Show a structured display of a variable including arrays and objects
  • Show the stack including complex objects used as arguments
More details about dump
include('dump.php'); etc. Immediate print... print(dump::Value($object1),'What object 1 looks like'); ... somewhere deeply nested dump::Trace('STACK'); // will list complex arguments ... at a convenient place dump::Output('someQuickFile.htm');
Example output