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<span id=butCss class="m2 button">Change css</span> <span id=butVals class="m2 button">Show all index values</span> <span id=wind class=RO>North/South/East/West</span> <span id=rain class=RO>Dry/Wet</span>
$(document).ready(function(){ $('#butVals').click(function(){ var vals = ReadAllRadioOptions(); var s = JSON.stringify(vals); $('#info').html(s); }); $('#butCss').click(function(){ StyleRadioOptions('span.ROon {color:red;}span.ROoff {color:green;} span.RO {cursor:help;}'); }); $('.RO').click(function(){ var ro = $(this); var id = ro.attr('id'); console.log(ro,id); $('#info').html('Clicked on ' + id + ' Index is ' + RadioOptionIx(id)); }); });

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Requires jQuery But if this pains you there's not much going on so feel free to hack into native Javascript)
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