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Picklist for convenient user interaction code

Description and API

PICKLIST is a small Javascript class that encapsulates a mapping between strings and constants. Typically used for drop-down lists, checkboxes and radio button controls. Simple and flexible to use: One or two array constructor, generate HTML method, look-up string from index or index from string methods.


Setup var DIR_N = 0; var DIR_E = 90; var DIR_S = 180; var DIR_W = 270; var directionsList = new PICKLIST(['North','East','South','West'],[DIR_N,DIR_E,DIR_S,DIR_W]); Display var htmlToShow = directionsList.ChecksHtml([['West',90'],'directions','<br>');

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  • Notes
  • testpicklist.js is included in the download package as an example of usage. It won't work straight out of the box as it needs jQuery and styling.


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