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IndexedDB (HTML5)

What's this IndexedDB all about?

This is an emerging technology (2012) that enables web browsers to store a substantial amount of data locally. It differs from localStorage by being indexed and stored behind the scenes in a 'real' database. The program can be centrally maintained on the web with no installation hassle while the user's data stays on their machine.


There is a simple demonstration here which is a single 'table'. It is based on a real-life, single-user application being migrated from Delphi/Paradox with 20,000 records.


localStorage is a better bet for applications with small amounts of data. (And a great deal easier for a programmer to use.) indexedDB is tricky to get the hang of for someone used to traditional database APIs. I used the event-driven approach but next time I'll try using it synchronously.

I'll investigate wrappers that make indexedDB simpler to use, because I like the idea of installation-free desktop apps.