Otford Documents from 17th & 18th Centuries

Transcripts and analysis of about a hundred land-related documents in Otford and Shoreham


A number of Indentures concerning land in the Otford and Shoreham area and Reports of the proceedings of the Manor Court of Otford, which have survived from the beginning of the eighteenth century to 1834, have been transcribed. There are four “abstracts” recording documents concerned with a particular topic which were made at the beginning of the nineteenth century and another, made probably in 1842, concerning land in Rumney Street. These have also been transcribed. It is hoped that the information derived from these documents can be expanded by reference to parish registers and other documents but many of the people referred to are from parishes other than Otford and Shoreham, in particular from the London area.


In 2000 four boxes of doucments were found in a loft in Otford. Singly the documents appeared to be of limited interest but as a whole there were complex connections that needed making. In 2004 Jean Fox of Seal began transcribing them as a prelude to others doing research based on other sources into the people and places mentioned. This was completed in 2006. Since then good intentions have languished so now this complete transcription, index and cross-reference is being published as-is so that anyone might use them. The originals are now in the care of the Kent County Council's record office at Maidstone.

Three levels of detail are provided

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Overview and indexes (Start here)
Transcripts (Full texts)
Summary - The Wood Family
Summary - Sir Walter Stirling, Baronet
Summary - Rumney Street
Summary - Mary Paxton’s Inheritance
Summary - Little Boakes Lease
Summary - Field Sown with Saintfoin 1834
Summary - The Eagle and Thirty Acres
Summary - Land called Dunstalls
Summary - Bishops Lease
Summary - The 3 Heiresses
Summary - 'Batch 2' Transcripts (original transcripts)
Summary - 'Batch 2' Abstracts (original transcripts)

Note: Jean Fox does not undertake any genealogical research.

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