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Day configuration and internationalization


Day has been designed to accommodate different locales and to take configuration parameters from a specified file. Such a file is called an appendix. All error messages and instructions, month names and abbreviations have codes to call them.1

Algorithmic configuration options are included in the appendix

The default appendix is English/Great-Britain

All appendix values can be changed on the fly or a completely fresh appendix loaded.

1Programming errors (as opposed operation errors that arise through say bad inputs) are all in English.

Appendix file

Use an existing appendix file as a template.
Use the file naming convention language-location .dax So for example en-gb.dax is English in Great Britain while en-us.dax is English for the United States.
This is a simple text file encoded in UTF-8. # is used to start comments, order is not important, values are specified as key = value.

Often keys will be of the form FOO.n Section heads explain the interpretation of the decimals. If any fields are not appropriate then leave blank.

Accessing the appendix

Loading an appendix

Appendix-related methods

In general, once initialised the ordinary developer shouldn't have much reason to twiddle with DAYc methods. Perhaps the most useful depending on how friendly you want to be with your users, are: