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What is D/a/y?

Essentially an API describing how rich dates are used

In short, D/a/y deals with dates like humans do in real-world situations, without trying to turn everything in to a timestamp. What is 31st January plus 1 month? Does May 10th come before or after May (Answer:During) How do I input 'Not yet' or 'before we started counting'.
Come on! Come ON! When did you buy your car? I must have YEAR MONTH AND DAY how simple is that! Are you STUPID?

Can you recall the exact day you bought your car? (I can just about guess the month.) What if you're in the middle of trading cars and don't actually have one? Or you're getting it delivered some time next week? This illustrates a typical UI failure. And the back-end won't know how to deal with dates without days either. What a shambles!

Why bother with D/a/y?

Because it's a lot better at dealing with all date-related issues than what are essentially timestamps.

How can I...

See it in action See the demonstrations on this site. These demonstrations are quite useful as a guide to understanding what sort of date issues lurk in systems and how you might deal with them.
Have a go Download and code. There is plenty of documentation to get you started.
Trust the code Download the test suite and run it for yourself.
Contribute This project needs two sorts of contributions.
  1. General skilled manpower to maintain the code and documentation and packages in tip-top condition.
  2. Internationalisation appendices.
Adapt it This is not a free-for-all project. There is a standard suite of tests and we put code quality before the excitement of half-hour developers. If you find an issue, develop a fix or a feature then please go to the Developer's forum