Circular ride: Ipswich - Swilland Easy 15 miles

Superb beer within easy reach of Ipswich

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The Moon and Mushroom at Swilland

Do not be put off by the name which sounds to me like a horror of barbeques, children, ‘Essex model' 4-by-4s, and picnic benches lit by tacky lights strung between old apple trees.


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Route in detail

You don't need the OS map to follow this route but Swilland is at the bottom left of Landranger 156.
There is a cycle map of Ipswich available online.

This route starts from Crown pools (TM 164 448) just as an obvious central point.

Crown Pools is opposite the (top) bus station and anyone should be able to point you in the right direction.
To get to Crown pools from the railway station:-

As you come out of the station there is a bridge over the river in front of you. Go straight across the traffic lights and keep going over the traffic lights using the bus lanes as you are entitled to do.

  • Families should go ACROSS the first roundabout and keep going up hill.
  • ‘Tough old birds' go left at the first, across the second and right at the third roundabout.

Heading out

The first mile is the toughest part. Uphill! With the swimming baths behind you go left
Almost immediately left again into Neale Street. When joining larger road go left - uphill.
In less than 100yds you'll see a sign that is trying to be informative. What is it trying to tell you? "Here be ravening horses?" Anyway, thanks to the munificence of the Suffolk taxpayer you have been warned that there is a sneaky cycle route that branches on your right. Take it. Enjoy it. Make a mental note to look up "Arboretum" when you get to the pub (A full complement of dictionaries are available free-of-charge at the M+M)
At the top of the ‘Bridleway' you have vehicles coming at you from all directions. Fie! Pish! and Tosh! you cry as you aim at 3 O'clock along Park Rd.
When Park road ends turn left.
Down to roundabout then straight across.
First right into Chelsworyth Avenue
At end of Chelsworth Rd. turn left.
Watch poorly maintained road surface - keep well into the road
Go carefully down Tuddenham hill - Bends and traffic.
First left (200yds after crossing stream) signposted Witnesham and Clopton
Continue for about 2 miles then turn left at cross roads.
Turn first left (half a mile) signposted Swilland
Don't go down the dead end! Keep right
At tee turn left and after half a mile you have arrived at the Pearly Gates

Heading back

Fed, watered and had your brains fuddled and err...chucked out at closing time. Which way home?

  • Turn right out of the pub.
  • Turn sharp right at main road (300yds)
  • Left at staggered X-roads (1 mile)
  • Straight-on when main road goes sharp right (half mile)
  • First fork right (third mile)
  • Over X-roads by pub
  • Follow road down to Claydon - be prepared to stop at bottom of hill.
  • Left at Tee at bottom of hill, through Claydon.
  • Near end of village, just past bus shelter on left, the road curves right at green. Go left.
  • You are now cycling along a deserted section of old main road heading straight for Ipswich. Beware of the Bus gates. There are cycle bypasses marked out but if you stick to the middle you can cycle between the rising bollards.
  • Back in built-up area you arrive at traffic lights.
  • Turn left then just keep going straight ahead. Use bus lane but pay extra attention at junctions.
  • After small hill you arrive at a proper roundabout.
    - Straight on returns to Crown pools
    - Right goes to railway station
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