Four sets of essential points for cyclists to remember

Rules of the ride Traps of the trip
  • See and be seen
  • You are traffic
  • Space doesn't hurt
  • Prepare for junctions
  • Junction jumpers
  • Rubbish Road
  • Never overtake lorries
  • Loony left hookers
Bits of the bike Joy of the Journey
  • Size suits
  • Wheels work
  • Brakes bite
  • Mechanical mischief
  • Beauty of back routes
  • Speed of commute
  • Fun of fitness
  • Independence or party
Get into the habit of doing the ABC check when starting.

A . . . Air in tyres?

B . . . Brakes work normally?

C . . . Clips? - What about the bits you clip on. Lights, pump etc. Will you be wanting them? Have you forgotten them?

It only takes a moment and can save embarassment.

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