Merlin Smallbone is the writing name of Peter Fox. If you'd like to visit his main website then follow this link to home page
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There are 25 books to choose from here in all sorts of genres. Don't take my word for it, look at the free previews now. There are good old paperbacks, PDF and ebook formats.

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Formats Wherever possible use PDF for electronic reading. Proprietary ebook formats such as Kindle are a last resort. Quite a lot of effort goes into the layout of books and ebook formats trash it.

All previews here are provided in instantly available PDF format. Don't expect the same fidelity with e-book format. On the other hand the paperback should look exactly like the preview PDF.

All paperbacks, previews and PDFs are A5.

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Merlin Smallbone — Who he? I treated myself to a pen name because Peter Fox is rather ubiquitous when it comes to books. It all started when a bank kept ringing me up asking for a Mister Smallbone.

I live in Witham in Essex, England and only started serious creative writing in 2010, although prior to that I'd many written songs, technical documents and computer programs. That discipline meant I was confident enough to know what I was doing without having to start with the standard formulaic 'how to write a novel' books. Nevertheless without the face to face feedback from writers groups I wouldn't have got over the traps every new writer falls into. I write precisely during the day and devil-may-care creatively at night.
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