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Round Bush, Purleigh

Typical Dengie pub

Very very sad news 3rd August 2006 : Ray died while in hospital for a 'routine' operation.

He was the most hospitable publican I think I've ever met, always welcoming, always taking trouble, always cheerfully serving others.

Words cannot express the shock of losing such a fine host, nor express sympathy for his family, especially son Paul who has been living in and helping run the pub for seven years.

  • Funeral 14th August at 4pm. All Saints, Purleigh. Nothing sombre to be worn
  • The pub is operating 'normally' and there's a good spirit of community camaraderie which is a tribute to the people who work long hours to make pubs to live social centres.
Greene King IPA
Continually varying guests - Normally two
Quality:Above average
Location and environs
How to get there
  • Mon-Sat 11-3;6(Fri 5)-11. Sun Noon-10:30pm
  • The main bar is an example of how pubs should be arranged. The square room has a space in the middle and seats and tables round the sides. This friendly arrangement allows everyone to join in everyone elses conversation and have a good rabbit.
  • Like many Dengie pubs this is the home of a better class of insult. Don't be put-off by a brusque welcome it is your chance to tell everyone who you are. Get stuck in with the conversation like a good-un.
  • Cafe attached. (Mon-Sat 8:30am-2pm; Sun 10am-1pm)
  • Proper food (good and interesting stuff well cooked) in the pub every day of the week. (12-2; 7-9:30)
  • Over £10,000 raised for charity in the last three years
  • Regular darts team
  • Most alternate Thursday nights a folk duo pluck a few gentle notes.
Log fire Enjoy a real fire that warms and ventilates
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