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Compasses, Littley Green

Nicely set traditional country pub - Now free house
Now brewing their own beer
Own beer!
Normally 3 or 4 beers from East Anglia
Quality is fine
Location and environs
how to get there map ramblingFrequent stop for ramblers.
Opening times
Mon-Wed : 12-3, 5:30-12
Thu-Sun : 12 - 12
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  • The pub is now owned and run by Jocelyn a scion of the Ridley family. You can now get decent beer and somebody wholly committed to seeing the pub as a thriving example of the best of Essex.
  • First steps in brewing taken in the winter of 2010/11. "Compasses bitter" is a really excellent, traditional East Anglian bitter. It is simple and honest and reminds me very much of the old days. Through the summer Jos and Neileon hope to increase the range. Getting started in brewing is always a learning process. Jos and Neileon have been fortunate to be able to use the equipment and assistance from Felstar. It has worked really well. Bravo!
  • Food Bar food. Speciality of the house is Essex Huffers.
    Weekdays and Saturdays: Lunch 12-2.30; Evening 7-10
    Sundays: Lunch 12-2.30; Evening 7-9:30
  • Odd steps here and there.
  • Pleasant garden
  • Tel: 01245 362308
  • Folk night every month. (Normally third Monday of month.)
  • Note the bar itself is completely free of any fixtures.
  • Mystery This pub lies on a straight line 10 miles long of three pubs called the (Square and) Compasses. Coincidence? How is a church, LOST FOR 650 YEARS pinpointed by a fourth pub called the Compasses and using a 'square and a compass' 10 miles across!
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