Navigation ideas

Navigation bars at top of screen

You might use frames but they have disadvantages.

You might put a navigation bar at the bottom of each page. But this means it takes a long time to back-out or jump ahead, and the navigation bar has to be searched for.

By putting the navigation bar at the top of each screen it requires very little mouse movement to select the next link.

I use some variations on this theme in my main pages:

Fixed position text
Guru of the Marshes has seven sections. The navigation bar stays in the same position as you click through the links. This method is ideal if you are leafing through a page looking for the section that interests you. One very important aspect is that this method shows you where you are at the moment.

Images as buttons
Here an IMG tag with BORDER=0 is placed in a A HREF tag. This forms a clickable image. A clickable image avoids the use of image maps. In Discover Gravity in Essex I have placed the navigation bar at the top of each section but the buttons change depending on each section.

I have put together two sample pages to illustrate variations. I expect you can use thes as starting points for your own schemes.
Fixed images - Scroll bar idiom
The scroll bar is a set of active images. The position of the thumb gives an indication where you are. This is of course independent of the vertical scroll bar and may span documents.

Variable text - Hierarchical path text display
Remember how Lotus 123 showed which sub-sub-sub menu option you were at? This is a joint display showing where you are in a hierarchical structure. Links all the way back up the hierarchy. Links to sibling pages of child pages.

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