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In the settings screen (accessed normally from the settings menu on the main screen) there are all sorts of options many of which are likley to be of little interest to most people.

Exclude drives and paths

There may be 'disused' drives on a computer. BFM may try to access these when that is unnecessary and then keep reporting that it isn't ready. You know that, but BFM thinks you might have secretly removed the media and complain.

You may wish to speed up looking for directories in move/copy by telling BFM to ignore portion of the main drive. Typically you might have c:\windows in here.


Tags are simply standardised filename fragments. To make them stand out and to allow BFM to highlight them in displays a special marker character of your choice is used. Initially this is set to ^.
This should not be changed once tags are being used as BFM will fail to recognise tags previously marked with another character. (No data will be lost, no files erased and the tags will still be humanly visible.)


For something as important as a file manager you'd have thought that Microsoft would have provided a simple way to adjust the size and style of the font in its version. That's one thing BFM has fixed.

The most important change you can make to the text appearance is the size. Experiment to find what suits you.

It is often 'cleaner' and 'less cluttered' to hide the main screen when looking at others. Some people like it; others don't. It's your choice.

File types

As you should know different types of file have different extensions. The details of these may mean something to the programs on your computer but humans find a simpler scheme more useful. All you want to know is "is it a picture or a word processing document". This is where BFM converts the detailed file extensions (such as .jpg and .html) into the simpler category.

The most useful feature is being able to change the font used to display files of a certain type. As supplied BFM shows documents in navy blue, pictures in black and data files in smaller brown.

File listing

This is how the layout of the file displays are controlled.
No changes made are saved until the Save all these settings button is pressed.

Documentation contents