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Using the keyboard

This section is specially for people who prefer using a keyboard instead of a mouse.

Main screen and common keys

To access items on a menu from the keyboard hold down Alt and press the underlined key of the menu. In order reading across the main screen menu that is
Alt and X Exit
Alt and S Settings
Alt and B Browse
Alt and F Find
Alt and U Utilities
Alt and I Information
Alt and R Run
Alt and E Extras

The function keys get you to places on the screen
F1 STORE containers
F2 SHELVES containers
F3 Contents listing
F5 Contents - sort order
F6 Contents - Image preview on/off
F7 Contents - Thumbnail size
F8 Contents - Filter

Up, down, left and right arrows move within something.

The Tab key (and Shift and tab together for going back) moves to the next 'same sort of thing'.

The Esc key does 'No' and is a handy 'stop this'
The Enter key often does 'Yes'.

When you're asked "Yes or No" you can use Y or N as well as Esc and Enter. Or you can use Tab to get to another option then press enter.

The best way to discover how to navigate through the STORE and SHELVES container hierarchy is to experiment:
  • all the arrow keys
  • + ... expands tree to next level
  • - ... closes this level
  • * ... expands this level and all lower levels


File listing

Form resize

One of the things that can be quite tricky with a mouse is resizing and relocating screens. (This doesn't work on all screens and there may be times, for example when typing in text, that this is disabled.)

Documentation contents