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Installing BFM

This describes how to obtain and install BFM. All the following is quite easy really, pretty much like installing any other program. The details are for those people who are a little hesitant when it comes to setting up computer programs.

Installation types

There are four possible ways to install BFM

Buddy installation option

It is a fact of life that some people are magnets for requests for assistance. That's something to be proud of but it would be a pain if you had to buy your own copy of BFM just so you could see what the person on the other end of the phone was looking at. Hence every full installation comes with a free 'buddy' licence. The buddy installation limits the \store and \shelves to being sub-directories of the program directory.
It is hoped that later versions of the program will have remote access functionality so that a buddy can manage files remotely on the matching full system.

Memory stick

A USB memory sticks is a reliable, compact and cheap way to store large amounts of data. BFM can be installed on a memory stick so that all your data files are carried on the stick rather than the computer. This might be useful for people who habitually use more than one computer.
Question: Do I keep all my data on one computer?
Yes : Use normal installation
No : Consider using a USB stick.
Important: If installing to a memory stick then it must be plugged in and ready to go before continuing with installation.
Tip: You can use a USB hard drive instead of a memory stick. Tip: For what they cost, a four gigabyte (4GB) is probably the smallest size of stick worth having.

Getting a copy of the BFM installation program

You may have been given a copy of BFM by a friend, relative or tame computer whizz, alternatively you need to download a copy from the vulpeculox web site (
What you need is a file called BetterFileManagerSetup.exe. If somebody gives you a file just called BFM.exe this won't work.
It is always best to download from the vulpeculox website if you can as that will always be up to date. Whatever you do don't download from some other web site as there is no guarantee that what you get isn't poisoned.

Obtaining a Full/Buddy version

Your download will contains either your personalised licence or an evaluation licence that works for a limited period with other restrictions.
  1. Go to
  2. Follow the How to purchase link
  3. Provide your details so we can personalise your licence
  4. Go to the checkout
  5. Within a few minutes you should have an email either containing the full program or a link to a place to download from.
Your licence is contained in the setup program.

If downloading from the web you need to download to somewhere you can find easily.

If your web browser gives you a choice of running or saving the installation file always pick the save option.

Run the installation program

Simply double-click on the file called [BetterFileManagerSetup.exe]. (Your system may not show the .exe bit.) The installation process is very quick. Step through by clicking the next button. The important choice you may be asked (it depends on the licence type and drives you have) is where to install the program. You will see something similar to this. All you have to do is pick the option that suits you with the mouse or Q-Quit.

Installation summary

You need to have the proper setup program which contains the licence. A full licence allows you to install on either your PC or a memory stick.
Tip: If the standard font is uncomfortably large or small you can adjust it by clicking on Settings (menu), then Appearance (tab) , then Change (button).
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